Light Commercial Vehicles

Claremorris Repair Centre

At Claremorris Repair Centre, we are experts in light commercial vehicle maintenance, servicing, and repairs. Our experienced mechanics look after everything on your vehicle from brakes, engine, steering, suspension, and DOE prep. 

Situated in the heartland of Connaught, Claremorris Repair centre is ideally located for customers throughout Mayo & Galway.

Our Services include:

Manufacturer Warranty Approved Servicing

For years, motorists were obliged to have new vehicles maintained & serviced by the main dealer in order to protect the warranty. Now you can have your new car or light commercial vehicle serviced at Claremorris Repair Centre. 

New EU regulations (Block Exemption Regulations “BER”) allow motorists to have their new vehicles serviced at Claremorris Repair Centre without invalidating the warranty, as we only use manufacturer approved parts & oils and correctly follow the manufacturer’s service schedule.

MPM motor oils stockist

We now stock MPM’s complete range of BER Certified oils and coolants for all makes of car and light commercial vehicle.
Now you can be certain the manufacturer’s recommended oil is being used in your new vehicle, extending the lifespan of the engine and ensuring the warranty is protected.


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